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Maryland House of Delegates


Delegate Lopez,
Thank you for the opportunity to provide this digital advertising proposal. We enjoyed our conversation with you back in December and appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can help Democrats in Maryland build on their recent electoral successes.
In the past decade our team has helped Democrats win more than 600 legislative races. We specialize in advertising that is driven by emotion, relevant to voters, and delivered at the right time to the right audience. The most effective communications from State Legislators tell personal stories and are rooted in the district. By communicating an emotionally driven, hyper-local message, we help members and candidates persuade voters and build long-term support within their community.
Finally, the most effective advertising is useless if it breaks a campaign’s budget. Our goal is to elect Democrats at every level, and we believe that candidates serving in State Houses should have the same level of communications as candidates for the United States Senate. We have provided a pricing structure at the end of this proposal and would work with you to ensure that the delegation has access to high-quality digital advertising that works within the budget.  

Our Approach

Every campaign we work with has access to our entire team. You will work directly with our partners, political team, and creative department. This team approach allows us to respond quickly, pivot when necessary, and ensure that your campaign receives the level of support needed to win.


We bring decades of combined experience winning political campaigns and will always give you our best advice. We also recognize that there are a lot of smart people at the table and are willing to listen to other perspectives.

Stand Up for Connecticut
Stand Up for Connecticut
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Senate: Trey Stewart Challenger
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Senate: Troy Jackson Delivers
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Incumbent Protection

Whether you face a competitive primary in a Democratic district or represent a swing seat where the focus is the general election, increasing your chances of re-election starts with engaging constituents in your official capacity.


With state budgets hampered by falling revenues, many of our clients have turned to using campaign funds to support incumbent protection efforts, long before campaigns get underway.


Experiment-Informed Programs, where polling was conducted before and after various communications and various channels to measure its effectiveness, have helped develop proven ways to increase support among incumbents. The following best practices inform our recommendations for an incumbent protection program:


1.     Take advantage of low-salience communications environments to breakthrough

2.     Communications should be helpful and informative

3.     When communicating about legislation, build a central hook or theme

4.     Ads should not look or feel overtly political

5.     Use real stories of constituents who have been helped

Recommended Incumbent Protection Program



One informative video about a government service

One about legislative accomplishments

Accompanying static ads, one set for each video

One Cinemagraph



28 days


Sample Digital Plan

Sample Plan & Digital Explainer

Production Pricing

Hon. Emily Cain, Executive Director, Emily’s List, (207) 229-3456
Hon. Troy Jackson, Maine Senate President, (207) 436-0763
Hon. Kerry Wood, State Representative, Connecticut, (203) 520-1794
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