(The candidate portion of this video was shot on an iPhone controlled remotely by our production team)

Digital Palm Cards are: 


  • Dynamic: Using pre-existing photo + video content, with the option to film a personal message from the candidate, Digital Palm Cards will visually engage viewers and relay key information about a campaign.   


  • Affordable: With total production costs of $1,500 or less, Digital Palm Cards offer most of what you get in a traditional 30-second campaign ad, at a fraction of the cost.


  • Customizable: No two Digital Palm Cards will feel alike. Each piece will offer fully customizable text, fonts, color schemes, music, and imagery.


  • Targeted: Our team of digital advertising experts will ensure Digital Palm Cards are seen by the right audiences. Through social media, email blasts, and ad placements candidates will be able to speak directly with voters they’re aiming to reach.

Dynamic AND affordable content - you don't have to choose one or the other.

You’re going to need to spend money online no matter what. You should make something people will actually look at. 


So that’s what we made. We’ve developed an inexpensive but dynamic “Digital Palm Card” to meet the unique need brought on by social distancing. 


Digital Palm Cards are semi-customizable videos that get the candidates in front of voters where they sit. If you can’t knock on doors, you can knock on the voters in-box or social media feed at little cost. 


We generate what feel like rich, robust campaign ads introducing the candidate using 90% existing content repackaged into a video ad. 

Too often, well-produced video content is reserved for congressional and senate races, or for PACS with large budgets . Our hope is that Digital Palm Cards will offer all candidates, regardless of means,  an opportunity to connect with voters, even when knocking on doors isn’t an option.


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