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Sample Plan & Digital Explainer

Key Terms & Concepts

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Social Media

Facebook is the foundation of any digital advertising campaign. Match rates tend to be high, costs are modest, and most people are on the platform. With the ability to place a broad range of creative - from 6-second video and static ads to full-length feature video - there are a lot of ways to be successful.

Programmatic Video

Programmatic Video allows us to use behavioral or list targeting to find audiences online, in video environments, or off of social media with the ability to click to your website. We can advertise to this audience as they surf the web, following them from site to site, to ensure your ad is remembered by your target audience.

Connected Television

Like programmatic, Connected Television (CTV) allows us to target users - at the household level - on their connected TV devices and platforms such as a Smart TV or Hulu programming. These ads are impactful, like traditional TV, but they are specifically addressable to our audience.



Programmatic Native places our ads alongside premium news content to lend credence to our message and engage voters in depth. We can use simple headlines and photos to drive users to content on your own site, or write articles to appear as paid articles on reputable news websites.


Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio ads allow us to target our audience behaviorally on services such as Pandora, Spotify and iHeartradio audio services while users listen to music or podcast entertainment. We can also reach people on a wider variety of podcasts by using affinity targeting and by selecting shows most likely to be listened to by our target audience.


City Crowds

We have many options when it comes to digital targeting -- from behavioral data based targeting to demographic, voting history, location, or email-based targeting. We can place ads in front of all voters 18+, or we can specifically target people who care about environmental causes, who live at a specific address, or who signed up for an email list. The targeting possibilities are endless, and we’ll work with you to find the audiences that are most important and most persuadable for your campaign.



FRAME reports on all advertising campaign metrics, including number of ads served, how many times a video was viewed, and ad click rates. We work with our clients to define the key metrics that are most important for their goals, and we optimize our campaigns to get the maximum results possible for their key metric. In addition to reporting on campaign data, we can also work with clients to monitor and measure data from their website analytics provider, and offer insights into how advertisements are impacting site visitation.

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