Maine House of Representatives

Case Study

2020 marked the fifth cycle of working with the Maine House Democratic caucus. In many ways, the evolution of the Maine House digital program has mirrored the evolution of digital political advertising. 

In 2020 we recommended, and campaigns embraced, a significant increase in the use of digital videos. Maine’s clean elections system outlines strict spending limits capping candidate budgets at around $15,000. Many candidates raise and spend half of that, meaning one high-quality, professional video would cost more than their entire budget.


In order to ensure all candidates had access to effective, on-message, digital video, we organized a multi-day group video shoot where candidates could come at scheduled times to deliver their scripts. We wrote the scripts ahead of time, directed each candidate as we would a custom shoot, and edited the spots to completion, adding text and b-roll that represented the candidate’s district. 


We worked with 71 candidates to produce 73 videos. Using group video shoots, customized messaging, and a templated editing process dramatically increased access to high-quality digital video for Maine’s Clean Elections candidates.